Happy Mother's Day <3 I'd like to introduce you to Elma Matthews - she's a pretty expectional Mum, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and even a Great Great Grandmother (hard to believe, hey!). A few weeks ago, I had the ABSOLUTE privilege of spending a morning with Elma and (a portion) of her family tree for some very unique and special family photos. And of course, I had to hear her story. Elma was born in 1927 and is turning a remarkable 92 this year. She married her love, Jim in 1950 and together they ran a local dance school, teaching hundreds of kids and young people how to dance. They had six beautiful children together, and built their own family home, before Jim suddenly passed at the young age of 50. She carried on, taking care of her large family and even remained teaching dance. Elma counts her children's' births and their weddings among her proudest moments. She is also proud to tell anyone she has exactly 17 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild!!!! She feels extremely lucky. So after decades of experience, what is her advice to mothers of today? 'give plenty of love and plenty of understanding'. <3 Have a wonderful Mother's Day ladies!!