Food for thought if you have been putting off booking a session for any of these reasons!

Throughout the past year or so, I've literally had so many conversations with mums from all walks of life, with children of all ages from a few days old to teenagers, and something I've noticed is the frequency of times, these amazing mums will make comments to the effect of "I've ALWAYS wanted to get family photos done BUT......"

  1. "I feel really self conscious about my body"
  2. "I don't think my partner/husband would feel comfortable in front of the camera" (or commonly "my partner HATES having photos taken" haha)..
  3. "Maybe my child isn't the right age"
  4. "I've heard family photos are super duper expensive "

All of which, I, completely, wholeheartedly empathise with. A while ago, I organised a photoshoot myself and boy, did I feel overwhelmed trying to organise it...trying to find a photographer I felt comfortable with, trying to fit it into my schedule, worrying about what to wear, the nerves I felt beforehand - "Did I choose the right outfit? What if it rains? What if I am retarded in front of the camera?"...girl, I feel you. I really do.

And I've recalled that story to many of my past clients, so that they understand the point of view from which I run my business - through their eyes and point of experience. This is why below, I've taken the time to explain to you how I personally re-think those doubts you might be having...

  1. My advice to any women out there, who feel their weight is holding them back from getting family photos done - is trust. As a photographer, it's my job to build trust with you so that prior, during and post photoshoot you really feel in safe hands. I have the experience to guide you through a natural photoshoot as it unfolds with your family, in such a way that I capture the pure joy of the moment and during the shoot, you won't be thinking self conscious thoughts - promise. You will come away, seeing in each photo, how beautiful you really are through the lens and my eyes...and let me tell you, years and years from now you will be unbelievably happy that you took that step to record this fleeting chapter of your family life.
  2. Preach!!!! I would say 80% of men aren't exactly chuffed about being in front of the lens...(my partner included haha!!!) But, the important thing to stress here is that a lot of men actually love family photos it's just that they aren't keen of feeling awkward and potentially embarrassed in front of a total stranger during a photoshoot. Understandable, I say. This is why I stress with every client, that my photo session are super relaxed. Discuss together a location where your family would actually hang out - do you have a special park? do you play beach cricket? And let him know we will just be hanging out, being goofy, and I will be there like a ninja capturing candid moments when you aren't even aware! So many times, partners/husbands have made comment to me after the photoshoot, to the effect of "I wasn't expecting this to be so easy and fun!". (Another strategy is to ask for a family photography session for your birthday - this can also work like a charm haha!!!)
  3. This is also another very common remark - a lot of mums come to me asking whether their child is the right age for a shoot and my answer to that is YES they absolutely are. I have worked with babies who are 4 days old in hospital through to much, much older teenagers and let me tell you, every age, every chapter of childhood, is worth capturing and is beautiful in it's own unique ways. My only recommendation is that newborn shoots be conducted at 11+ days old (unless you specifically want a hospital shoot), so that you can all settle in at home after bub arrives and so bub's skin can calm down post-birth.
  4. I totally understand - which is why I offer payment plans for all my shoots. My clients can pay in instalments, which means that it doesn't feel like too big of an expenditure all in one hit and is rather an investment over time, in hiring me to create your family heirlooms. If you decide to book with me, I give you the option of paying in one go or over a period of time - simple, easy, non-stressful.

Has this article spoken to you at all? If it has relieved some of your hesitations - I'm so incredibly glad. I'm a really strong believer in taking the time to have family portraits done. The primary reason, is that memories really do become the most priceless thing in our lives. We will all forget the "things" we buy, the "stuff" but looking back through photo albums and looking back through your family photos, will always mean more than what can be put into words.

My advice. Seize the day and book in!

xoxo Hannah