What I want to say to you on International Women's Day..

Amidst reading many of the posts today about International Women’s Day, I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to live in this era. And SO overwhelmingly grateful to have met so many genuinely incredible women. You all know who you are! I am so excited to spend my days artistically capturing all you wonderful women that I am lucky enough to meet. It’s your stories of both immeasurable happiness and at times, bravery, sisterhood and triumph over difficulty... that motivate me, move me and inspire me!!! I really mean that! {When I have trying days, I think of the strength of so many I know and take another step forward!} 

We are so lucky to live in an era, that is ever increasingly championing all that it is to be a woman - which is to be both soft and strong, kind and determined, maternal and worldly, intelligent and emotional...and all the other millions of wonderful qualities that we bring to this world in need. 

So to end this post, I have to again say thank you to all the women I know and have known -today is a day to well and truly celebrate!! May we work to create an even better, more beautiful and fairer world for our daughters and granddaughters..