LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION...If you’re ready to book but not sure how to determine your style of shoot, this one’s for you.

At the point of booking your shoot, I’m honestly so excited to get to know you and so excited to brainstorm with you about what kind of theme you’d love for your shoot (I’ll admit I’m a bit of a geek with this because I find it so much fun to dream up new possibilities!!!!). 

I often go back and forth a few times with my clients as we plan out what style/location will fit the personality and needs of their family. I am even available to chat on the phone about it if that’s easier! 

I wanted to share today my top 4 questions I recommend we consider when choosing your location. I hope this is super helpful!!! 

What are the ages and personalities of your children? 

Some children LOVE being near the water, some children love playing in the dirt or sand, others would be much more at home in a park or even literally in your home. 

Where do you hang out as a family? 

Many families I do shoot for, have specific local hang outs and hobbies. For example, one family I did a shoot for are literally always at the beach on weekends so it was totally fitting that we went there! 

Do you have have a place of significance to your family? 

Did you get married at Audley Park? Do you have family days at a specific beach or local spot? If there’s somewhere meaningful to your family, let’s consider doing your shoot there!! 

Of my photo sessions, which style spoke to you the most?

If you’re thinking of booking me, chances are you’ve checked out my Insta, Facebook or website..so what jumped out at you? Did you love the sunset photos? Or maybe the family sessions done in the comfort of home?!