Summer Sunset in Sydney - Family Photography Shoot

The Reynolds Family are dear friends and their daughters - Sophie and Jess, are amongst the cheekiest girls out there I imagine! haha! These two have 1000 watt smiles and personalities to match T Claire wanted photos by the beach for Christmas, in particular to send back home to family overseas. So we packed our bags, I packed extra lollies (hehe!), and we went for photos up at Kurnell *on that 40 degree day no less!* but that didn't stop us and by evening time, the sky was just magical!!! The girls did jumping jacks in the air, ran circles around me, we climbed sand dunes, checked out the mangroves and even watched the sun set while we chatted away!

Claire & Paul, thank you for bringing your lot out for photographs - I hope with all my heart you love them!!! And thank you for your patience, during the Christmas lead up! I've been editing in all my spare time like a mad woman!

xoxo Han