It must now be about a year ago that I first met Amy. A beautiful past client of mine, Tara, who at the time was heavily pregnant, invited me along to a gentle yoga class at a local home studio.....and I remember walking through the doors, and meeting Amy for the first time and as soon as I did, I just loved her. She's one of those people, who's kindness and heart, just shine right out of her! Fast forward, many yoga sessions and a one UNREAL massage later...and here we are in Camelia Gardens, with Amy and her gorgeous family!!! Amy and her Hubby, Dave, have two sweetheart boys - Rocco and Billy. These two, are so different, but both so much fun! We walked down a hidden bush track, climbed trees, rolled down hills AND managed to get some family photos done this afternoon!!!!! {I don't actually know who had more fun - the kids or myself}. Amy, thank you for bringing your family out!!!!!! I hope the boys had the best ice creams {with the m&m's haha!!!!!!}..and I hope you guys love your photos!!!!!