Sydney Creative Family Photoshoot

Oh Casey, how can I even explain to you and your family what a privilege it was to photograph your family and spend the evening hanging out.

Let me try...

So imagine turning up to a big family shoot, the sky threatening a storm and the streets full of Christmas lights and cheer... then a door is opened to you, to what could quite possibly be the most generous hearted extended family you’ve ever met! (Which is truly saying something)... you walk into the family home, to see so many smiles, so much happiness beaming from all the adults and every single child.

The family explain that the house you’re standing in has been their home for 40 years.. since a time when the area was just bush. With tears in their eyes they show you around and explain that they would love photos that encapsulate their last family Christmas before the house is sold.

They show you all the special spots around the house and backyard where they spent countless days playing as children and where they would love photographs of their own children and Grandchildren playing.. there are dogs and there’s lots of play and running, and even photos in the rain!

Lots of puddle jumping AND when you couldn’t imagine the shoot getting any better..... there was a whole family MUD FIGHT. Yes, you heard me...a mud fight! The shoot ends with the most amazing sunset, and cannonballs into the family pool! Before being hugged by everyone, invited to stay for dinner, introduced to the neighbours and told with such earnestness how grateful they are for me even being there to photograph it.

I can’t even explain how moved I was by this family, their kindness, their clear love for each other, their story and just their sheer happiness. I just hope these photos make some way towards capturing it! Casey and family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your home - I hope we all get to meet again someday. I wish you all so much love and happiness this Christmas.

xoxo Hannah