Everything you need to know about booking an extended family session..

Extended family shoots are VERY popular. Whether it's for a birthday, or just a bucket list item - getting the whole family together for a family day and a relaxed photography shoot is an amazing idea! These are best booked well in advance to make sure everyone can attend and scheduled alongside a family lunch or dinner out. It's a great time to spoil your Parents or Grandparents and you will see by the end of the shoot they will have tears of joy in their eyes and will be smiling from ear to ear when they receive their photos.


Are these sessions longer and do they cost more?

Yes - they run for 2 hours and they cost a little bit more than a normal 90 min shoot BUT.. are they worth it? 100%.

I allow 2 hours because when you have multiple immediate families, children running everywhere and sometimes older family members - you can't rush it. No one wants to feel herded :-P

By the time we get everyone to the one location, introduce everyone and have a few laughs, we will be ready to take some photos!! haha!

My suggestion is to have one family member as the main organiser. They can be the main point of contact for the shoot, can help me organise everyone and can write a list of photo combinations needed (if desired).

What is the best location for these shoots?

These shoots can be done in your own backyard if you wish! I once had a client book a surprise extended family shoot for her parent's Christmas gift - we all went to the family home of 40 years in the bush and the whole family got together for photos, a mud fight and the shoot ended when everyone was in the family pool. *see sample gallery below if you don't believe me. There are no hard and fast rules - if there is a special park that means a lot to your family we can go there. Or maybe a special beach?

If there is a family member coming who has mobility issues - I can also make suggestions of suitable outdoor locations.

What should we all wear?

This is a brilliant question. When you are trying to organise a lot of people for photos - sometimes it's easy to get a bit hung up on this. Which is why I suggest not trying to overly coordinate and match outfits. I suggest everyone dresses as though they are going out for a nice lunch together - smart casual is best. You don't want anyone to feel too stiff and uncomfortable. Long sleeved shirts and chinos make it easy for men and I would suggest avoiding big logos, business shirts etc.