Everything you need to know about booking a newborn session..

Your darling baby is on it's way and you're wanting to book those special newborn photos in! You've seen newborn photos that have made you so excited for your baby's arrival and you can't wait to have those photos to show all your loved ones and to look back on. That amazing newborn phase is fleeting and it's just so special to have professional photos capturing those first days and weeks of your child's life. I am excited for you and want to answer any questions you have about newborn sessions! Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and a sample gallery.


How old should baby be when we do the shoot?

Prior to Covid, I did some shoots in hospitals with babies as young as a couple days old. Let me tell you - that was AMAZING and so special.

However generally I recommend 10+ days old. This is for a few reasons - mainly being that it gives you some time to get your bearings with everything and also gives baby's skin a chance to settle down too! When you've just had a baby - emotions can be at an all time high! You're besotted with your angel but you've also been through a huge transition.

This is a big part of why I tell all my newborn clients, to be kind to themselves and not put big exceptions on their own shoulders straight after having baby. I advise that we book you in advance and pencil a date into the calendar but I always let my clients know we can move that date around depending on how the birth goes, when baby decides to arrive and depending on how you are feeling.

You are not just a booking on a calendar to me - I will be flexible and treat you with care :-)

What does it cost?

As you may have read on the maternity shoot section of my website - I am definitely understanding that a lot of people are on a budget during and after pregnancy - splurging out may feel counterintuitive. I totally get it. However I personally suggest not to forgo getting photos done, if you're worried about the initial investment. It's why I have different packages available (with minis starting at $210), flexible payment plans and the option of purchasing more images or products in the future. The photos you will have to treasure, will mean the absolute world to you and your family someday, and it won't be an expenditure you look back and regret.

It will be an investment you'll be SO relieved you made especially since you cannot go back in time to photograph your newborn. They grow far too fast and we don't have time travel capabilities just yet :-P

Upon sending me an enquiry, I will supply you with my info and pricing PDF and will gladly discuss options of how to pay and what package is best suited for you and your family. If you're feeling like it you can't afford newborn photos make sure you ask your family and friends to contribute towards it as a gift. Trust me, they will be happy to!

Where do you do newborn photos? Do you have props/ wraps?

I am not a studio that does same-same newborn photos that are highly staged. My sessions are very relaxed and either run outdoors with beautiful blankets, wraps, baskets and golden sunset light or in the comfort of your home. I do have those props available and some accessories for baby if you'd like them however my approach is more natural than anything. I love to capture the emotions and connection you have with your newborn mostly. A lot of clients love the fact that I can come to them at home. It means they don't have to travel with a new baby and pack the car etc. I am also able to locate beautiful parks and natural locations near to your home if you'd prefer outdoor images but don't want the stress of travelling.

How long do the shoots go for?

This depends on the package you choose - you have the option of a 30 minute mini (great for birth announcements) or you can book a full 90 minute session. 90 minutes sounds at first like a long time, but trust me - most of the time my shoots run overtime because I don't ever push babies if they need to be settled, fed or comforted. They aren't robots and I like to take my time with newborn shoots. I don't want anyone feeling stressed out. I've even had shoots where I've come back another time to do the second half of the shoot as baby was unsettled. My main priority is baby's wellbeing, you feeling relaxed and delivering beautiful images.

I would like to include my other children, is that possible?

ABSOLUTELY. And I would be over the moon if we did. My suggestion is to bring them along for part of the shoot so we can include them in some sibling photos and then spend the rest of the shoot focusing on baby.