Everything you need to know about booking a maternity session..

Firstly, congratulations. What an amazing journey you are at the very start of!

During the whirlwind experience of being pregnant, most ladies (and couples) have a wish to document it. So they can look back at that incredibly significant period of time and so they can show future children where the family legacy all began. You're probably feeling much the same.

I often get e-mails from expecting women, who are super excited to get some maternity photos but unsure about what's involved, when is a good time to book etc. So..here you will find all the information you need, plus a sample gallery and my hope is it's super helpful for you!!! <3


When do most people book their maternity shoot?

This varies quite a lot. I've had many clients book as soon as they find out their pregnant - so months and months in advance!!! And I've also done a few last minute shoots for ladies right before the birth. Mostly, clients contact me around the 5/6 month mark to book in and generally I advise doing a maternity shoot in the last two months of pregnancy (28-36 weeks). I find that this is the period of time where the belly is big and round enough. Before the 28 week mark, the belly isn't quite so prominent and past 36 weeks most ladies aren't comfortable enough for a shoot. If you're wanting to incorporate maternity photos into a baby shower invite or you're having twins/triplets, then it's best to do it early on in the pregnancy.

What does it cost?

I am definitely understanding that a lot of people are on a budget during pregnancy - you're about to have a baby after all and splurging out may feel counterintuitive. I totally get it. However I personally suggest not to forgo getting maternity photos done, if you're worried about the initial investment. It's why I have different packages available (with minis starting at $210), flexible payment plans and the option of purchasing more images or products in the future. The photos you will have to treasure, will mean the absolute world to you and your family someday, and it won't be an expenditure you look back and regret.

It will be an investment you'll be SO relieved you made.

Upon sending me an enquiry, I will supply you with my info and pricing PDF and will gladly discuss options of how to pay and what package is best suited for you and your family.

Does my partner/ hubby need to be in the photos?

This is such a common question. The answer is no - they don't have to be however it's always lovely when they come along even if only for part of the shoot.

A lot of men feel very uncomfortable when it comes to photos. (My partner is like this actually!) But what I find is that because I run my shoots in a VERY relaxed way, you and your man will actually forget the time, will feel totally at-ease and more often than not, any men I photograph end up having a great old time and getting really into it by the end - even suggesting photos ideas!

My suggestion is to gently encourage your man to come along and tell him there is no pressure to be in any photos. If on the day he feels inclined - then awesome! And if not - we can just focus on the bump :-P No dramas!

How long do the shoots go for?

This depends on the package you choose - you have the option of a 30 minute mini or you can book a full 90 minute session. 90 minutes sounds at first like a long time, but trust me - most of the time my shoots run overtime because we end up having so much fun getting creative and hanging out. I like to allow 90 mins for a full shoot, because it means we can relax, I can actually get to know you a bit so you don't feel awkward, and we can take our time finding beautiful backdrops and even get those amazing sunset shots!!!!

What on earth do I wear?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. I do not recommend short skirts however haha! (I feel like that is self explanatory). Flowing dresses look beautiful, either in a block colour or a subtle pattern.

I highly recommend checking this website out if you'd like to hire a one-off maternity dress for the shoot:

Hiring a one-off piece can be a lot cheaper than going out and buying a new dress you may never wear again.

For hair and make up, if you feel inclined, for sure get it done professionally or just some easy soft curls, and natural make up done at home can look INCREDIBLE. I've known several clients who have asked their sisters or a girlfriend to come over prior to the shoot to help them get ready. That can be a really fun thing to do!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m speechless. All I can say from my experience with Hannah is that it was outstanding! She really knows her photography! I just had my first maternity session with her and it was an enjoyable, fun and relaxed experience. My partner hates photo shoots but with her calm, happy energy, and clear/easy directions this helped my partner ease into the shoot. She is a very talented photographer.

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