Everything you need to know about booking a family session..

I am a huge advocate for doing semi-regular family shoots. Those years when your children are young zoom by and how special is it to have beautiful high quality photographs to document it and look back upon?! Whether your children are as young as one years old or teenagers - there isn't a one particular 'good time' to get family photos done...because every stage and phase is special in its own way. You may have read about me that I have a lot of experience working with families and children - a decade in fact. So my family shoots are run more like play dates with a family friend. I love to hear all about you prior to the shoot and I love to tailor each and every session to your family's unique personality, interests and needs. These shoots are stress free, silly, fun, full of laughs and most importantly will leave you with amazing photos to share with your extended family and to cherish forever.


How old should my child or children be?

As mentioned above - any age is a good age. Whether it's a dribble smile, a toothless grin, a cheeky 10 year old smile or a grumpy teenager - each age and stage is beautiful in it's own way and worth remembering and documenting. It goes by so quickly. All you have to do is compare a photo of your child a year ago and it will shock you. My suggestion is to book family photos once a year - invest in beautiful family photographs and you will never regret it.

What does it cost?

I have different packages available (with minis starting at $210), flexible payment plans and the option of purchasing more images or products in the future. The photos you will have to treasure, will mean the absolute world to you and it won't be an expenditure you look back and regret.

It will be an investment you'll be SO relieved you made especially since you cannot go back in time. They grow far too fast. Family photos are also a wonderful gift to Grandparents - your mum and dad will be over the moon to have an album full of smiling familiar faces :-P

Upon sending me an enquiry, I will supply you with my info and pricing PDF and will gladly discuss options of how to pay and what package is best suited for you and your family.

What locations do you do family photos at?

I am not a studio that does highly staged family photos. My sessions are very relaxed and either run outdoors with beautiful golden sunset light or in the comfort of your home. I love to capture the emotions and connection you have with your children. There are SO many amazing outdoor locations to choose from in and around Sydney. If your children love the beach, that's a great option. If you'd rather a park setting, or by a river or in your own backyard - the options are limitless.

I'm worried my children might not last through the session..

A frequent concern I hear. As mentioned, I have many years of experience working with children and I find the secret to a successful session is for me not to be pushy, keep it moving along i.e. moving to different spots and mixing it up so we don't get bored children, snacks being on offer and getting the children involved.

Usually at the start of the shoot, I work to get a more traditional set of family photos with everyone and then once I have that I let the kids play and run around and capture more candid style photos.

I like to get to know the children at my shoots, I like to involve them by asking them questions, asking them to help me, getting their input..and with younger children I love to just have fun and encourage everyone to play! That's where those natural smiles will come through!

You have the option of a 30 minute mini (best for Christmas time) or you can book a full 90 minute session. 90 minutes sounds at first like a long time, but trust me - most of the time my shoots run overtime because we get caught up in the moment, having fun. When you don't feel under pressure and under a time restraint, you'll be amazed at how smooth the session will go.

Hannah is an artist with an amazing talent for capturing the moment. She builds rapport with children quickly & has a beautiful way of communicating with them to get get the best shot. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful family photos she has created for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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